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  • Yotpo App Connector

    Automate Yotpo Reviews too!

    The Yotpo app connector is available to make workflows when reviews are received. When it comes to collecting product reviews from customers, Yotpo is a popular choice. When you connect MESA to Yotpo you can do more with your review data moving to other app systems.

    Yotpo App Connector

Make no-code Yotpo Loyalty integrations.

Start a Yotpo Loyalty workflow when...

Then, make your workflow do this...

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    Record a Customer Action
    Create an action by a customer.
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    List Active Campaigns
    Obtain a list of active campaigns.
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    Set Customer’s Anniversary
    Establishes a customer’s anniversary.
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    Retrieve Customer’s Anniversary by Email
    Grab customer’s anniversary by email.
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    Delete Customer’s Anniversary
    Remove customer’s set anniversary date.
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    Create or Update Customer
    Create or modify a customer.
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    Retrieve Customer
    Grab all details about the customer.
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    List Recently Updated Customer
    Obtain a list of all customers who were updated in the last 7 days.
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    Set Customer’s Birthday
    Establish a customer’s birthday.
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    Create Point Redemption
    Redeem a customer’s points for a specific redemption option.
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    Approve Point Redemption Cancellation
    Confirm point redemption cancellation request.
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    Redemption Options: Get Redemption Code Data
    Obtain a list of email addresses who has redeemed a discount.
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    Redemption Options: Upload Options
    Transfer coupon codes to Yotpo Loyalty account.
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    Redemption Options: Get Active Options
    Obtain a list of redemption options available for customers to redeem.
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    Identify Referral Referrer
    Create or find a referral link for an email address.
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    Send Referral Emails Referral Referrer
    Share referral links by email to a list of email addresses.
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    Create Order
    Create an order made by a customer.
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    Create Refund
    Create a refund.
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    List Vip Tier
    Obtain a list of VIP tiers.
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