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Access to support data is critical for measuring and monitoring your support team’s performance. Connecting Intercom with your Shopify apps can help unify customer support data. For example, you can set up an automated workflow to add emails to Airtable whenever Intercom captures a new lead email.

MESA is a no-code platform that can help you set up automated workflows. You can automate data exchange between almost any popular Shopify app to trigger an action in Intercom without directly integrating that app with Intercom.

If you need help with a workflow, our team of experts can help set up the entire workflow from scratch.

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Make Your Own Intercom Integrations

Deep integration options exclusively for ecommerce businesses.

Then, make your workflow do this...

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    Get List of Contacts
    Obtain a list of contacts.
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    Create Contact
    Create a contact.
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    Search for Contacts
    Look up for contacts.
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    Update Contact
    Modify a contact's details.
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    Retrieve Contact
    Grab all details about a contact.
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    Delete Contact
    Remove a contact.
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    Archive Contact
    Archive a contact.
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    Unarchive Contact
    Restore a previously archived contact.
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    Merge Two Contacts
    Combine a contact with a role of a lead into a contact with a role of an user.
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    Retrieve Contact's Attached Companies
    Grab all details about the attached companies that are associated to a contact.
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    Retrieve Contact's Attached Tags
    Grab all details about a contact's attached tags.
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    Retrieve Contact's Segments
    Grab all details about a contact's segments
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    Attach Company to Contact
    Associate a company to a contact.
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    Get List of Companies
    Obtain a list of all companies.
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    Create or Update Company
    Create or update a company
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    Scroll Over All Companies
    Iterate over all companies in a dataset.
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    Retrieve Company
    Grab all details about a company.
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    Delete Company
    Remove a company.
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    Detach Company from Contact
    Unassociate a company from a single contact.
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    Get List of Company's Attached Contacts
    Obtain a list of a company's attached contacts.
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    Get List of Company's Attached Segments
    Obtain a list of a company's attached segments.
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    Create Note
    Create a note.
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    Retrieve Note
    Grab all details about a note.
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    Get List of Contact's Notes
    Obtain a list of notes associated to a contact.

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