Subscription Businesses

Spending time on your business, not in it, is crucial to growth. Focus on the strategic vision of your subscription business and to experiment with new ways to grow your streams of revenue.

Recurring subscription business

Accelerate Growth

Get real-time data on the performance of your subscriptions to efficiently allocate resources and ad dollars.

  • Send subscription renewal information to Google Analytics so you can accurately calculate a customer's lifetime value
  • Log server-side events for accurate marketing attribution for first-time orders, recurring payments, and subscription lifecycle events
  • Send a sequence of emails to recover customer's abandoned carts
  • Reward your customers with a discount code when their friends sign up

Increase AOV

Grow your average order value by investing in an ongoing, long-term relationship that generates consistent revenue.

  • Swap a trial product SKU after the initial subscription period
  • Convert customer payments into one currency for easy reporting
  • Send customers an SMS message with a special upsell offer
  • Use Klaviyo to cross-sell products that are complementary to the ones they'll be receiving in their next shipment

Fight Churn

Reduce customer churn rates to help maintain your relationship and revenue.

  • Add customers with newly expired credit cards and failed renewals to a spreadsheet for better dunning
  • Proactively create a Gorgias support ticket for customers that unsubscribe
  • Send cancellation confirmation email with an easy way to re-subscribe
  • Send a SurveyMonkey survey to understand the reasons that customers are churning
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