Merchandising Inventory

Managing every aspect of your brand’s digital storefront takes unlimited creativity, experimentation, and optimization. Mesa makes powerful technology accessible to non-technical users with an easy-to-use interface and no coding required.

Merchandising inventory

Optimizing Media

Get perfect images without spending more time making them.

Popular workflows from successful merchants:
  • Add watermarks to product images to prevent unauthorized duplication
  • Detect the dominant colors in your product images and add them as tags so that customers can easily search for products by color
  • Remove the background from product photography to highlight your product
  • Send photos through a set of image filters to automatically improve their quality and appearance
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Organizing Products

From multi-attribution modeling to the frontend interface you'll be able to create experiences that drive traffic, conversions, and sales results.

Popular workflows from successful merchants:

Managing Inventory

Offer customers consistent merchandising and make it easy for them to find what they’re shopping for.

Popular workflows from successful merchants:
Automate your first workflow in minutes!

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