E-Commerce Marketers

Overseeing your brand’s marketing and growth means juggling multiple projects on tight deadlines. Mesa makes powerful technology accessible to marketers without needing to write code so your store can attract higher-value customers, reduce campaign costs, and earn a greater return on your marketing dollar.

Consumer marketing

Make it Personal

Bring service and detail to your customers with personalized communications to unique offerings.

A few examples from successful merchants:
  • Automatically mail a handwritten note to first time or VIP customers
  • Send a personalized email based on purchase history
  • Send your customers a text message when their order is out for delivery
  • Trigger a win-back campaign if a frequent customer hasn't placed an order recently


See your customer lifecycle with 20/20 clarity so you can effectively prioritize projects and resources.

A few examples from successful merchants:
  • Segment high-intent customers who are more likely to purchase again
  • Tag customers based on lifetime spend, average order value or categories of products purchased
  • Organize customers by city or region to trigger geo-specific postcards and incentives
  • Identify first-time customers that converted quickly

Promotions & Ads

Schedule sales, releases, and content changes so you don't have to stay up until midnight to switch on your next campaign.

A few examples from successful merchants:
  • Switch to a campaign-specific theme to highlight on-sale products and restore your original theme after the sale ends
  • Automatically pause advertising when inventory starts running low
  • Schedule upcoming product price changes to occur at any date and time
  • Email a discount to customers on their birthday
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