Integrating Commerce Applications

Move information between your favorite applications to create a connected storefront. With your apps working in sync, you'll be able to get the complete picture, derive fresh insights, and provide new experiences.

Connected business


Mesa is built for enterprise-scale and ready to connect the mission-critical applications that run your business.

  • Create a Salesforce contact whenever a new Shopify customer signs up
  • Sell a gift card in person from your point of sale that can be redeemed online
  • Integrate your Shopify store with specialized apps for enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, 3rd party logistics or warehouse management systems
  • Script custom connections to the specialty systems your organization relies on for complete control


Move info between your Shopify store and the web apps that you rely on every day so that you can focus on your most important work.

  • Put files that your customers upload with their order on Dropbox
  • Send a Slack notification for orders that require overnight or international shipping
  • Add customer information to Google Sheets when they complete their first purchase
  • Trigger a Shopify Flow workflow to extend your automation possibilities

Shopify Apps

Get more from Shopify's App Store by creatively connecting them to your store and each other in new ways that you define.

  • Add Recharge renewal data to Google Analytics
  • Send an alert if Tracktor detects than an order has not been shipped within 3 days
  • Automatically purchase a shipping label from ShipHawk when a new order is received
  • Sync new customers to a Mailchimp list if they've opted-in to receive marketing messages
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