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There is no need to know how to code while using Page Studio. Creating Shopify pages such as homepage, Contact pages, FAQ's, landing pages are easier than ever with Page Studio. You can add eCommerce optimized elements such as CTA buttons, image galleries, testimonials, and much more while creating a page that fits your brand. It also allows you to save your own personalized templates so you can reuse them on new pages.

With Mesa and Page Studio together, you can create and update pages depending on an action and vice versa.

Free workflow templates for Page Studio

Deploy and customize these workflow automations with just a few clicks. Our team of automation experts built and tested these workflow templates to get you up and running fast. No code necessary.

Ways to start a Page Studio automation...

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    Page Created
    When a page is created.
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    Page Updated
    When a page is updated.

Things you can do with a Page Studio automation...

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    Create New Page
    Create a new page.
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    Update Existing Page
    Update an existing page.

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