Tag/Untag A Product When Added/Removed From A Collection

These two workflows will allow you to tag a product when it’s added to a collection and remove the tag when it’s removed from the collection.

These are triggers that aren’t available in Shopify Flow – so they require a database to keep track of the previous collections and compare them to the current one when a product updated webhook fires.

You can also do lots of other things with this trigger, like sending out email notifications for new products added to collections.

Watch The Demo

Workflow #1: Tag Product When Added To Collection

Workflow 2: Untag Product When Removed From Collection

How do I use this demo file?

  1. Add MESA from the Shopify App Store. Enjoy a 7-day free trial to start.
  2. Import this download to My Workflows. Navigate to your automations then follow the prompt to import a workflow. Upload the downloaded ZIP file from this demo.
  3. That's it! Personalize any step if you want. You got this.
  4. Questions? Shoot me an email: [email protected]
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