Make Webhook-Based Workflows 100% Reliable With Reconciliation Job

Most standard workflows that trigger on something like a Customer Updated event or Order Created event in Shopify rely on Shopify’s webhooks.

They work most of the time just fine but in some cases where reliability is mission-critical, Shopify’s official recommendation is to implement a reconciliation job on top of them.

Here’s an example workflow for doing that.

Let’s say you have a Customer Updated trigger that does something:

Then, what you’ll want to do is add this reconcilation job workflow that will run on a schedule and catch any customer update events that may have been missed:

It works by triggering the original workflow using the Mesa.automation.send command in the code step above.

Watch the demo

How do I use this demo file?

  1. Add MESA from the Shopify App Store. Enjoy a 7-day free trial to start.
  2. Import this download to My Workflows. Navigate to your automations then follow the prompt to import a workflow. Upload the downloaded ZIP file from this demo.
  3. That's it! Personalize any step if you want. You got this.
  4. Questions? Shoot me an email: [email protected]
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