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Trello is a visual project management tool that makes tracking tasks and collaborating easier. The Kanban-style Trello boards make it easier to manage your ecommerce workflow and identify bottlenecks.

Each Trello card has a comments section that allows teammates to ask questions or share files to collaborate on orders or other tasks. Each card has “members,” which includes everyone involved in a specific task. For example, you may create a card to ready the product for shipping with checklist items that include packaging, labeling, and other pre-shipping activities.

You can automate tasks using Trello’s built-in automation feature called Butler. For example, you can add members to cards when it’s added to a specific list. If you want to automate tasks using data from outside Trello, you can use MESA.

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How to Automate Trello

Creative ways to add Trello automations to save you hours every week.