Transform by MESA easily converts data from the previous step into a form that the next step expects. The app comes with three different types, Transform Editor, Transform Script and Transform Mapping.

The most common type of transform is Transform Mapping, where you set the payload key the next step will receive. Perhaps you want to schedule a daily export of orders into a Google Sheet; the app will map order data to the columns expected by the Google Sheets step.

More advanced users may want to use the Transform Editor, which lets you create JSON, HTML, or text payload. The main difference is that it accepts liquid styles, meaning you can easily customize what data is being pulled in. 

Whereas the Transform Script allows fine-tuned logic in the form of an editable Javascript. Advanced users can easily “lift the hood” on any automation to manipulate the data as they wish. By using this, the limitations are truly up to your creative imagination to tailor your business needs.

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Transform by MESA splash
Transform workflow action
Transform by MESA splash
Transform workflow action

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