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Export order and fulfillment details of delivered orders into Google Sheets

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As a Tracktor customer, you have access to order data for 90 days. We understand merchants may need to access data beyond this timeframe or want all tracking data in one centralized location to allow the querying of shipments or high-level order data. This template exports order and fulfillment details of delivered orders into Google Sheets so you have current and past tracking data in one place.

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Workflow Steps

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Step 1. Every time this happens…

A Tracktor order is delivered

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Step 2. Then…

Retrieve Shopify order

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Step 3. Then…

Add a row to Google Sheets with fulfillment details

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Step 4. Then…

Check for unfulfilled packages or items that require shipping

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Step 5. Then…

Add a row to Google Sheets with orders details


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a template?
Templates are pre-made workflows by our team of experts. Instead of building a workflow from scratch, these have all the steps needed to complete the task.
Can I personalize a template?
Yes! Every step can be customized to meet your exact requirements. Additionally, you can even add more steps and make it more sophisticated.
Can MESA handle the setup for me?
Yes, check out our Expert Workflow Setup. We'll collaborate with you to craft the perfect workflow so you're up and running with confidence.

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