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Send a Slack message when inventory runs low

Shopify to Slack Automation Template

Stock-outs can take a hit to your brand reputation. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer to be ready to purchase one of your most popular products, only to find out that the product they want to purchase is out of stock. Even worse, they could decide to go to the competition instead. Send your team a slack message when inventory is low so you can immediately start reordering the item before out-of-stock messages appear to shoppers.

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Here's how this template works:

Step 1: Everyt time this happens:

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A Shopify product's inventory is adjusted

Step 2: Then do this:

Determine if the product is running low on inventory

Step 3: Then do this:

Loop over the product's variants

Step 4: Then do this:

Send a Slack message to a channel