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Add "Order Can Be Edited" tag and update after 24 hours to "Order Cannot Be Edited" tag when Shopify order is created

Shopify Automation Template

A customer may want to change their order after purchase. It could be that they made a mistake and chose the wrong color or size. With Mesa, each time an Order on Shopify is created, you can add an “Order Can Be Edited” tag automatically to let back office staff know. Once the order ships and it’s too late to make changes, Mesa updates the order for you by adding an “Order Cannot Be Edited” tag.

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Here's how this template works:

Step 1: Everyt time this happens:

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A Shopify order is created

Step 2: Then do this:

Update the order with a "Order Can Be Edited" tag

Step 3: Then do this:

Retrieve the order's information after 24 hours

Step 4: Then do this:

Replace the existing tag with a "Order Cannot Be Edited" tag