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Send an updated or new Shopify Product to a Salesforce Product and Pricebook entry

Shopify to Salesforce Automation Template

Set your business up for success by allowing Shopify and Salesforce to share details that are often tedious to manually transfer across platforms. This template sends Shopify products to Salesforce products and Pricebook entries each time the product is created or updated. You can now have all the key information of your products neatly organized to ensure that they are up to date, available, and appropriately priced for your customers.

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Here's how this template works:

Step 1: Everyt time this happens:

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A Shopify product is created or updated

Step 2: Then do this:

Loop over the product's variants

Step 3: Then do this:

Query for Salesforce product

Step 4: Then do this:

Send product to Salesforce Product and Pricebook Entry