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Send Shopify Order, Customer and Products to Salesforce

Shopify to Salesforce Automation Template

Power up your Shopify and Salesforce automations with this collection of three templates! Seamlessly sync and send all the information you need from Shopify to Salesforce. The three templates included in this collection are 01. Shopify Product Created or Updated to Salesforce Product and Pricebook Entry, 02. Shopify Customer Created or Updated to Salesforce Account, and 03. Shopify Order Created to Salesforce Opportunity and Opportunity Products. Be sure to set up and configure each template separately to ensure you're getting the most out of this collection.

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Here's how this template works:

Step 1: Everyt time this happens:

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Obtain information from Shopify orders, customers, and products

Step 2: Then do this:

Send that information to Salesforce