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Update an address in Recharge when a Shopify customer is created

time saved Saves 6 minutes

Manually updating customer information in two places is time-consuming and potentially troublesome if details are updated late or entered wrong. Avoid unnecessary work and data discrepancies with the help of MESA. This template will update an address in Recharge when a customer is created in Shopify and uses a different address. Now you can ensure your customer details match with minimal effort.

Step 1. Every time this happens:

Schedule to run on a daily basis

Step 2. Then do this:

Retrieve Shopify Customers created within the past 24 hours

Step 3. Then do this:

Check if any customers have been retrieved

Step 4. Then do this:

Loop over each customer

Step 5. Then do this:

Locate matching customer on Recharge

Step 6. Then do this:

Compare customer's address from Shopify to Recharge

Step 7. Then do this:

Update customer's address on Recharge

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