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Send a Discord invitation when a product using Infinite Options is purchased

Infinite Options to Shopify Automation Template

Merchants trying to build a community in Discord using Shopify will appreciate this template. Create new invitations if the customer has not received a Discord invite before the Mesa workflow while tagging at the same time. With Discord + Mesa, you can now connect on a whole new level and nurture like-minded customers.

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Here's how this template works:

Step 1: Everyt time this happens:

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An order is created with Infinite Options

Step 2: Then do this:

Retrieve the Shopify Customer

Step 3: Then do this:

Check that the tag "discord:invite" does not exist on the Shopify customer profile

Step 4: Then do this:

Create Discord Channel Invite

Step 5: Then do this:

Send an email to the customer

Step 6: Then do this:

Update the customer with a tag "discord:invite"