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Send a $20 gift card to a customer if they spend $100 or more

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Let your customers know how much you appreciate their business and encourage them to return by incentivizing their next purchase. This customizable template will send a $20 gift card to a customer if they spend $100 or more on your Shopify store. Prefer to change the gift card amount or the qualifying order amount? No problem. Both can be customized in this template to fit what serves your business best. Please note there is a one-hour delay between when a customer places their qualifying order and when they will receive their gift card to ensure all fraud checks are completed and cleared.

Step 1. Every time this happens:

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An order is created

Step 2. Then do this:

Pause for 1 hour for standard fraud check

Step 3. Then do this:

Determine if order is $100 or more

Step 4. Then do this:

Send a $20 gift card

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