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  • Getting Started with Shopify on Mesa

    There are a lot of Shopify tasks that you can complete with Mesa and knowing what workflows you need really depends on your most common pain points. Mesa already has many pre-built templates that you can utilize and you can find them on the dashboard.

    If you need to create your own workflow, you can utilize Mesa quick start tool and decide which action (e.g. when an is order created, when a product is deleted, and etc.), is the beginning action of your workflow and what is the workflow's result after the action occurs.

    Setting up a workflow that connects from Shopify does not require any authentication.

  • User Guides & Tutorials

    For additional insight on built-in Mesa Connectors, How-to articles on everything related to Mesa as well as technical documentation, be sure to visit the knowledge base where you can all the in-depth learnings you'll need to build any automation. Visit our Knowledge Base

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