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Returnly Integrate Your Inventory management

Returnly allows Shopify merchants to create their own self-service return center. 

Instead of opting for a refund, customers can decide to exchange their products for another. That way, they'll always be able to find what they're looking for. 

It’s the only returns platform on Shopify currently that comes with this unique feature. To make things even better, Returnly pays for the product on behalf of your customer so they can instantly receive their brand new item. 

To give customers peace of mind during the returns process, Returnly also comes with tracking information and SMS alerts to stay up to date with their package status.

Get started with Mesa's pre-built workflow templates:

Start Returnly workflows when...

  • Image
    Return Requested
    Starts when a return is created.
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    Return Authorized
    Starts when a return is approved.
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    Return In Transit
    Starts when a return’s status is In-Transit.
  • Image
    Return Item Updated
    Starts when a return item is modified.
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    Return Pending Refund
    Starts when a return is waiting for a refund to be processed.
  • Image
    Return Refunded
    Starts when a return is reimbursed.
  • Image
    Return Cancelled
    Starts when a return is cancelled.
  • Image
    Credit Issued
    Starts when a credit is applied.
  • Image
    Credit Used
    Starts when a credit is utilized.
  • Image
    Credit Disabled
    Starts when a credit is deactivated.

Things you can do with Returnly workflows...

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    List Return
    Obtain a list of returns.
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    Retrieve Return
    Grab all details about the return.
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    Create Refund
    Create a new refund.
  • Image
    List Refund Request
    Obtain a list of refund requests.
  • Image
    List Not Refundable Requests
    Obtain a list of not refundable requests.

Scale faster by integrating workflows into your daily routine

Creative ideas for Returnly automations:

  • Add points to a customer’s LoyaltyLion account when a Returnly credit has been used.

  • Send a Slack message to your customer service team when a return has been requested.

  • Create a new row to your Google Sheets when a return is reimbursed.

  • Update an order in Odoo when a return item is modified.

Start Workflows with Returnly

Discover Returnly Integrations or read our Help Docs & FAQs to get started today.

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