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PostcardMania lets you precisely target the most qualified prospects with postcard mailings and other direct mail offerings. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the industry, it comes with all the tools you need to build engaging direct mail campaigns, from postcard design to managing your mailing lists.  

Generate more leads for your business with high quality, cost-effective direct mail postcards! Postcardmania also tracks the campaigns so you can be confident that the postcard designed and printed for you is based on what is already proven to work

By connecting Postcardmania to Mesa, you can order postcards automatically based on any activity with your Shopify store and know they’ll promptly reach your customers. Start streamlining your direct mail campaigns today.

Things you can do with PostcardMania workflows...

Scale faster by integrating Shopify workflows into your business

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Creative PostcardMania Workflows

  • Send a postcard when a customer places their first order

  • Send a postcard to a new salesforce lead

  • Send a postcard with a discount code to a repeat customer

  • Send a postcard when a Tracktor order is delivered

  • Send a postcard to a new HubSpot contact

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“Great app for streamlining processes. The support team were incredibly helpful in assisting with implementation.”
The Pedla
5-star Rating
“The customer support team is UNREAL. Answered my questions in a timely manner and went so above and beyond to help me.”
Primally Pure
5-star Rating
“Mesa helped me automate tasks that take us a LOT of time. Now, we can focus on more important things for scaling the business.”
Club de Brodeuses
5-star Rating
Automation Experts Team