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Customizable Workflow Template:

Send Email to LoyaltyLion Customer if Rewards not Used

Reward points can help build store loyalty and a long term relationship between the customer and the store. This template sends an email notification to a LoyaltyLion customer if they make an order but do not use any loyalty points. You can personalize the email to inform customers on how to take advantage of their unused rewards points.

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When this happens
Step 1: LoyaltyLion customer places an order (order is created)
Then do this
Step 2: Determine if the customer accepts marketing communications
Then do this
Step 3: Determine if the customer is enrolled with LoyaltyLion and has any rewards not used up
Then do this
Step 4: Send email to LoyaltyLion customer
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Sales and conversion

LoyaltyLion is an eCommerce engagement and customer loyalty platform, powering retention and growth through data-driven loyalty programs

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