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  • Get Started with Klaviyo on Mesa

    Connecting your Klaviyo account with Mesa will require you to setup a Credential. Credentials store important information and helps with authenticating services to Mesa.

    Klaviyo Credentials

    When connecting Klaviyo, you will need to obtain information for your workflow to pass along. The public key will be needed for these workflows.

  • Common Use Cases with Klaviyo - Integrating with Tracktor

    The most common use case for integrating both Connections would be sending an email from Klaviyo based on an action that Tracktor tracks (Order Status & Fulfillment Status).

    In this document, we will discuss on creating a workflow that will send a review email from Klaviyo when an order has been delivered.

    • You will want to use the Mesa quick start tool to set up something like this:

    Klaviyo + Tracktor quick start set-up

    • In between the Tracktor Fulfillment Status Delivered Trigger and Klaviyo Create Track event Action, you can click on the plus icon in the middle. Then, add a Shopify Retrieve Order Step. Make sure to add the Order ID Token: {{tracktor_fulfillment.order_id}}

    Shopify Retrieve Order

    • Create a customized Track Event name that you will use in your Flow, in the Klaviyo dashboard.
    • For the Email Address, you can add the Email Address Token: {{shopify_order.email}}
    • The information seen in the Mapping Transform table will send the following information to Klaviyo. You can adjust the Mapping Transform table to include any necessary information that you may require. In the screenshot, we have referenced some of the common information that is needed.
  • Creating a Flow in Klaviyo for your Mesa workflow

    Mesa allows Shopify merchants keep track of Shopify related events and add those events in Klaviyo. In most cases, you may want to use those events to trigger some action in Klaviyo. Klaviyo allows you to create Flows so that you can connect Mesa and Klaviyo together. If you are not familiar with Flow, you can click here to learn more.

    Klaviyo Flow

    If you are using Mesa's Track Event Action, you will find your customized Track Event under Metrics when creating a Flow in Klaviyo:

  • Knowledge Base Articles

    For additional help using Mesa's built-in apps, how-to tutorials and technical documentation, be sure to visit our Knowledge Base where you find can all the in-depth learnings needed to build any automation.

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