Etsy Help

  • Get Started with Etsy on Mesa

    You will need to connect your Etsy store to Mesa by creating a Credential. Credentials store important information and helps with authenticating services to Mesa.

    Etsy Configuration on Mesa

    Depending on what you need to send to Etsy, you will need to make sure that your workflow obtains the information you need and sends it along. You will need to add your Shop Name in the Configuration Step.

  • User Guides & Tutorials

    For additional insight on built-in Mesa Connectors, How-to articles on everything related to Mesa as well as technical documentation, be sure to visit the knowledge base where you can all the in-depth learnings you'll need to build any automation. Visit our Knowledge Base

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Etsy is an eCommerce website for vintage and homemade items, turning creative ideas into a successful business

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