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Bold Subscriptions

Bold Subscriptions offers Shopify merchants solutions that ease the process of offering product subscriptions and recurring billing. It offers your customers complete control over when to skip, edit, or pause their subscriptions; therefore, this allows them to choose exactly what they would like in every shipment. You can offer discounts for customers selecting the subscription option and boost retention at the same time. Bold Subscriptions integrates with Refersion, Google, Facebook, Klaviyo, and more.

With Mesa and Bold Subscriptions together, you can achieve numerous tasks with other variety of connections.

Free workflow templates for Bold Subscriptions

Deploy and customize these workflow automations with just a few clicks. Our team of automation experts built and tested these workflow templates to get you up and running fast. No code necessary.

Creative workflows to use Mesa with Bold Subscriptions

  • Notify your warehouse when a one-time product is added to a subscription.

  • Send customers a follow-up survey when they end their subscription.

  • Cancel a subscription after the recurring payment attempt fails three consecutive times.

  • Track the lifetime value of subscription customers in Google Analytics.

  • Send customers SMS notifications to recover failed payments charges.

Ways to start a Bold Subscriptions automation...

  • Image
    Subscription Created
    When a subscription is created.
  • Image
    Subscription Reactivated
    When a subscription is reactivated.
  • Image
    Subscription Paused
    When a subscription is paused.
  • Image
    Subscription Resumed
    When a subscription is resumed.
  • Image
    Subscription Ended
    When a subscription has ended.
  • Image
    Subscription Cancelled
    When a subscription is cancelled.
  • Image
    Exceptions Removed from Subscription
    When exceptions are removed from subscription.
  • Image
    Subscription's Order Date Changed
    When a subscription's order date is changed.
  • Image
    Subscription's Product Quantity Changed
    When a subscription's product quantity is changed.
  • Image
    Subscription has Product Added
    When a subscription has a product added.
  • Image
    Subscription Order Created
    When a subscription order is created.
  • Image
    Subscription Order Failed
    When a subscription order has failed.
  • Image
    Subscription Order Skipped
    When a subscription order is skipped.
  • Image
    Subscription Order Resumed
    When a subscription order is resumed.
  • Image
    Subscription Order's Quantity Exception Created
    When a subscription order's quantity exception is created.

Things you can do with a Bold Subscriptions automation...

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    Skip Order in Subscription Order
    Skip an order in a subscription order.
  • Image
    Recover Order in Subscription Order
    Recover an order in a subscription order.
  • Image
    Update Subscription Order's Next Date
    Update subscription order's next date.
  • Image
    Retrieve Upcoming Subscription Order
    Lookup an upcoming subscription order.
  • Image
    Update Subscription Order's Interval
    Update a subscription order's interval.
  • Image
    Update Subscription Order's Billing Address
    Update a subscription order's billing address.
  • Image
    Update Subscription Order's Shipping Address
    Update a subscription order's shipping address.
  • Image
    Update Subscription Order's Shipping Method
    Update a subscription order's shipping method.
  • Image
    Retrieve Subscription Order's Shipping Rates
    Lookup a subscription order's shipping rates.
  • Image
    Update Subscription Order's Shopify Order Tags
    Update a subscription order's Shopify Order tags.
  • Image
    Pause Subscription
    Pause a subscription.
  • Image
    Resume Subscription
    Resume a subscription.
  • Image
    Cancel Subscription
    Cancel a subscription.
  • Image
    Reactivate Subscription
    Reactivate a subscription.
  • Image
    Retrieve All Subscriptions
    Lookup all subscriptions.
  • Image
    Retrieve All Discounts
    Lookup all discounts.
  • Image
    Create Discount
    Create a discount.
  • Image
    Update Product's Order Quantity
    Update a product's order quantity.
  • Image
    Save Product Swap
    Save a product swap.
  • Image
    Save Upcoming Product
    Save an upcoming product.
  • Image
    Retrieve Product
    Lookup a product.
  • Image
    Retrieve Upcoming Product
    Lookup an upcoming product.
  • Image
    Retrieve Subscription Group Swap Information
    Lookup a subscription group swap information.
  • Image
    Retrieve Subscription Group
    Lookup a subscription group.

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