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Mesa and Shopify Flow

Mesa is an ecommerce automation platform with solutions for every aspect of your business, from business intelligence to streamlining data management. Seamlessly connect your Shopify store and accompanying apps to a free template library of popular workflows within minutes.


No matter how great your shop is, massive digital growth is impossible without automation. Automation steals away repetitive, manual tasks. It prevents you from becoming consumed by your business. And ultimately, it gives you the resources you need to scale.

What’s more, you might not even know what you can automate. A McKinsey report found that 45% of activities for which people were getting paid already have automation opportunities. That represents about $2 trillion in wages. So if that’s the case worldwide, how many blind spots at your shop can you automate if you only knew how?

Automation isn’t without a catch. It can be tricky to get multiple apps to get along with each other and you’ll have to do some setup. 

Fortunately, it’s easier than you think.

Start with Shopify Plus

Shopify automation starts with Shopify Plus, the gold standard in ecommerce platforms. If you’re looking for a starting point, check out our previous blog post on why this platform is crucial to your automation success. 

Back then, there were 10,000+ stores already set up on Shopify Plus. Why? Like we said at the time: “Nothing beats its ease of use, scalability, and unlimited automation capabilities.”

The reason is that automation is baked into the “cake” of Shopify Plus. So right off the bat, getting set up on Shopify Plus eliminates a ton of guesswork.

Shopify Plus has the additional advantage of enabling headless commerce, which separates an application’s front and back end. This keeps your store flexible. As a result, it’s easy to add applications and solutions that start doing work for you. Including the most important one: Shopify Flow.

Shopify Flow

Once you’re on Shopify Plus, you’ll have access to Shopify Flow, a free add-on application. Flow is where the real automation magic happens. Let’s take a look at just a few samples:

  • Every time you receive a negative review -> create a customer support ticket
  • Customer executes a certain behavior -> add a personalized marketing tag 
  • Receive international orders -> send data to a Google Sheet for tracking
  • Receive an order over $100 -> send a free gift to the customer

With Shopify Flow, the possibilities are endless. As a merchant, you can now focus on growth and let the data move automatically instead of manually!

Extending Shopify Flow with Mesa

With Shopify Plus and Flow in your corner, you’re ready to tackle more robust automation. But before you’re out of the gate, you may have to lay some groundwork first.

That’s where Mesa comes in, the easiest way to simplify and extend Shopify Flow.

How Mesa Extends Built-in Automations

Here’s the thing: not every CRM and ERP will have apps native to Shopify Plus. We believe in Shopify Plus and its capacity—but sometimes, you need to extend the possibilities to find the exact automation you want.

For example, let’s say you’re working on multiple platforms. If a Shopify customer updates their information, your Salesforce record is immediately outdated. You can’t scale a business if you have to fix this manually over and over. Mesa’s easy extensions can get you working in harmony with your third-party applications.

When a Shopify customer updates their information, that can serve as the automation’s trigger. Mesa can then run a query for Salesforce and let the app know it’s time to update the information. So there you go, three different commands running as a seamless operation, keeping your customer data up to date in real-time.

Working with Complex Files

What if your shop is not as tidy as the above example? What if you need to track complex CSV files to find customer orders? 

Mesa can step in with a built-in feature that lets you publish new CSV or XML files and share them with appropriate team members. Integrating with Google Drive and Dropbox, you can even use an existing cloud storage account to keep track of every file without missing a beat.

The FTP connector is at the heart of making a complex situation seem simple. If you have a ton of CSV or XML data, you can then map it to a format that Shopify will understand. Mesa can ensure that file types make sense across multiple applications rather than requiring your intervention or someone at your shop converting files.

Change the Timing of Your Workflows

Automation is all about timing. Your goal is to get your shop’s back end running like a well-oiled machine. But that doesn’t work if each gear doesn’t fit seamlessly with the next.

If your timing is still off, Scheduler by Mesa steps in with some key interventions:

  • Specific timing triggers. You can use Scheduler to create monthly, weekly, or even daily triggers. Imagine you want to change the themes of your shop to match the Halloween Season; you can use Mesa to arrange for the yearly schedule.
  • Updating product pricing. Have pre-planned flash sales for BFCM? You can use Scheduler to change product pricing ahead of time.

Setting delays. Mesa Delays work a bit like Scheduler. Sometimes you need a delay between a trigger and its corresponding action. For example, you can use a delay to send a notification to a customer if their order hasn’t arrived within a specific timeframe.

Accept Form Submissions and Route Data Anywhere

Your customer forms are central to your communication; they sign up for newsletters, place orders, or initiate exchanges. So how do you route and respond to customer forms? A lot of customer judgment rests on these interactions alone.

Mesa’s Form connections help you accept these submissions and route the data wherever is most appropriate. Send a customer return form to the right team’s Slack channel or even sift through the data to have the form automatically upload information to a specific team member via email. 

With the right automation, you can instantly send information to the correct people for faster customer responses. That’s especially important for millennials, who report at a rate of 71% that fast customer service will indicate their entire experience.

Fine-Tuning Your Shop

There’s no sense in taking on manual approaches to tasks that can be automated and optimized in this day and age, but setting up the right systems can be a hassle. That’s why it’s imperative to find the right platform to run them. Mesa not only will get your shop close to fully automated in record time, but it’ll also free you up to focus on what really matters, growth.

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