New Integration: Recurring Subscriptions with ReCharge

ReCharge is a Shopify app that enables Shopify and Shopify Plus stores to sell products on a recurring basis. With ReCharge's turnkey solution, merchants get everything they need to launch and scale an online subscription business.

Now that ReCharge and Mesa are connected, e-commerce stores can finally obtain a 360-degree view on their subscription customers. With Mesa and ReCharge, you can utilize subscription events to understand and customize your customers' journey.

Creative Ways to Use ReCharge with Mesa

  • Track the lifetime value of subscription customers in Google Analytics.
  • Mail customers a thank-you note on the anniversary of their subscription.
  • Cancel subscriptions orders flagged as fraudulent.
  • Automatically add a “Subscribe & Save” option to tagged products.
  • Create a help desk ticket if a customer cancels their subscription.

Getting Started with ReCharge and Mesa

Mesa and ReCharge are better together. Click here to get started.

Install Mesa from the Shopify App Store