New Integration: Measure Visitor Behavior with Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic, giving companies insight into the behaviors their visitors exhibit. Google Analytics tracks information like site traffic, site visit length, and bounce rate. This data can be further broken down by factors such as a traffic source or campaign.

Now that Google Analytics connects to Mesa its capabilities extend beyond tracking the data generated just on your storefront. By utilizing server-side logging browser extensions like ad-blockers won't interfere with your ability to track events and get accurate counts for reporting. You can also record events triggered by other apps in order to get a complete picture of visitor behavior that can be viewed from a single Google Analytics dashboard.

Creative Ways to Use Google Analytics with Mesa

  • Determine which acquisition channels creates the highest lifetime value.
  • Compare Facebook advertising results directly against Adwords spend for product page remarketing campaigns.
  • Monitor which products most often result in refunds.
  • Add customer account creation as a step in your sales funnel.
  • Determine how customers’ locations affect average shipping times.
  • Discover the percentage of failed payments that come from new visitors.

Getting Started with Google Analytics and Mesa

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