New Connection: Let Shoppers Upload Files With Uploadery

Uploadery is a Shopify application that helps merchants receive any kind of file from their customers at the time of purchase. Uploadery allows stores to sell products that rely on receiving digital files from their customers such as photos, artwork, videos, music, and documents.

Now that Uploadery is connected to Mesa, you can trigger a workflow anytime an order is created with an attached Uploadery file. For example, you can now copy order files to an FTP server for storage or move files to cloud storage like Dropbox. You can also send print-on-demand orders straight through to your manufacturer for fulfillment.

Get Started with Uploadery and Mesa

Follow these simple instructions to get connected in a matter of minutes:

  • Install Mesa on your Shopify store
  • Sign up for Uploadery, if you don’t already have an account
  • You can jump straight into Mesa’s visual builder
  • Or jumpstart your automation using a pre-made template