New Connection: Sell in Brick-and-Mortars with Shopify Retail POS

Shopify Retail POS enables merchants to seamlessly take their stores into the physical world. With built-in features like customizable checkout and in-store pick-up, Shopify’s POS provides the same ease of managing your online store for your brick-and-mortar locations.

Now that Shopify Retail POS is connected to Mesa, there are over 130 POS actions that can trigger a workflow in Mesa, like any time you get a list of orders, customers products, checkouts, and more. You can also start a workflow when an order is created, deleted, fulfilled, updated, or paid. For instance, when an order is created, Mesa can trigger Twilio to send a follow-up thank you text the next day.

There are also over 220 actions a Mesa workflow can perform in the POS. Among other things, a workflow can update, retrieve, delete, create or get a list of inventory items, locations, marketing events, orders and metafields. For example, if a wholesale product is created in Salesforce, Mesa can add it to Shopify, so your salesperson can close the sale in-person.

Get Started with Shopify Retail POS and Mesa

Follow these simple instructions to get connected in a matter of minutes:

Learn more about connecting Shopify Retail POS to Mesa

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