New App Integration: Direct Mail Optimization with PostcardMania

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Mesa is the only eCommerce automation platform exclusive to Shopify & Shopify Plus. Use our premade templates and no-code workflow builder to connect any project or application seamlessly. We’re happy to announce PostcardMania workflow templates are available now!


PostcardMania is a marketing platform that grows your customer base through high-quality, cost-effective direct mailers. With unlimited design options and performance tracking via unique barcodes, rest assured that your campaign is on target to meet its goals.

Managing your direct mail campaigns has never been easier now that PostcardMania integrates with Mesa. Behind the scenes, you can automate sending postcards when a new lead appears on Salesforce/Hubspot or even when a Tracktor order is delivered. 

With Mesa, you can boost sales and average order value with minimal effort by automating various actions like sending cross-sell postcards to a customer that bought a specific product.

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