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Easily run your own self-service return center if you integrate Shopify with one of the most popular smart returns platforms. Returnly is the only platform that allows customers to opt for an exchange rather than a refund. It also comes with tracking information and up-to-date SMS alerts to keep your customers happy.

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Popular Returnly Integrations

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    List Return
    Obtain a list of returns.
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    Retrieve Return
    Grab all details about the return.
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    Create Refund
    Create a new refund.
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    Authorize Return
    Transition a return to authorized status.
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    Deliver Return
    Transition a return to one of the delivered statuses: delivered or delivered late.
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    Store Return Drop-Off
    Set the return to delivered status if the shopper has presented the original item/s in a physical drop-off location.
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    Refund Externally Return
    Indicate that a return has been refunded externally.
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    Cancel Return
    Cancel a return which is not under the following statuses: refunded, refunded externally, pending refund, canceled, canceled by shopper or canceled by merchant
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    Update Return Notes
    Modify a return's notes.
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    Set Return Alert
    Establish a return alert.
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    Delete Return Alert
    Remove a return alert.

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